Fashion Wednesday – Jewellery Tips

Where to save and where to splurge!

Don’t you love those stores, like forever 21, that have really cute jewellery for REALLY great prices?  But then they turn your skin green or they break immediately… WELL I’m going to tell you what items you should be saving your money on, and what pieces to splurge on!



SPLURGE: You don’t really even have too splurge too badly on these, but it’s important to make sure your earring don’t hurt you, and there’s nothing more annoying than cheap earrings turning your ears green and making your ears itch!  Invest in sterling silver pairs and your ears will thank you!


SAVE: There are SO many cute necklace styles out there, and I truly believe that necklaces can make an ordinary outfit EXTRAordinary!  Like I mentioned, forever 21 ALWAYS has tons of necklaces that are anywhere from $4-$30.  No great investment, but you can try out SO many different styles!  But CAUTION: do NOT buy long beaded/pearl necklaces from forever 21, I’ve had 2 and they both broke the first day I wore them, and pearls spilled everywhere in very public places.  ANNOYING.


SAVE: I’m not necessarily a bracelet fan, so I say save on these…again, forever 21 and similar stores offer lots of wallet friendly options!  Also, if you feel so inclined, I suggest making your own, they don’t have to be like regular “hemp”/”Friendship” bracelets, there are lots of cool ways to make your own beautiful bracelets!


SPLURGE: On a few nice rings.  You don’t always want your fingers turning green on you, do you?  That’s just annoying.  Now I’m not saying GET OUT THERE AND GET YOURSELF AN ENGAGEMENT RING! That’s not practical, but having a few really nice quality rings will make you feel good, and since you use your hands all of the time, and people really notice them, you’ll get a lot of attention to those bad boys.

SAVE: Also get yourself a whole bunch fake rings.  They’re a really fun way to make a big statement!  I love big flashy rings, but that’s just my personality I guess 😛

Thanks for reading!


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