Fashion Wednesday – Jewellery Tips

Where to save and where to splurge!

Don’t you love those stores, like forever 21, that have really cute jewellery for REALLY great prices?  But then they turn your skin green or they break immediately… WELL I’m going to tell you what items you should be saving your money on, and what pieces to splurge on!



SPLURGE: You don’t really even have too splurge too badly on these, but it’s important to make sure your earring don’t hurt you, and there’s nothing more annoying than cheap earrings turning your ears green and making your ears itch!  Invest in sterling silver pairs and your ears will thank you! Continue reading


DIY Tuesday – Homemade Art 101

It’s time for a big ART ATTACK!IMG_1088

Have you been to Homesense, or IKEA lately?  It’s a LITTLE bit outrageous what they expect you to pay for their mass-produced, so-called “artwork”.  Anywhere north of $50 for some abstract art you’re SURE you could do yourself, but can’t be bothered?  Well I say BE bothered.  I have given up on the art scene, and taken to painting ALL of my own artwork.  Well, not really my own, but getting inspiration from other artists, and reproducing it for my own home.  Now some may say, that’s easier said than done.  True,IMG_1083 it’s not easy, and it requires some patience, but I think anyone can do it!  So prove me right and just for it! Continue reading