Dreamworld Saturday – Home Movie Theatre

A whole new meaning to “Home Movies”!

When I was a kid, my friends basement was redone and they built in a home movie theatre, and it was probably the coolest thing I had ever experienced in my life up to that point… well maybe not, but at the time, it was AWESOME.  I will one day build my children the most awesome movie theatre in our basement where they can bring their friends and have the best movie nights EVER!

movieOk, this is AMAZING, a bit out of my budget (A LOT) but how COOL for inspiration! Continue reading


Dreamworld Saturday – Awesome Pool Ideas!

“OMG, I LOVE your pool, where did you get it?”

So, I’ve never had a pool before. I missed out on that part of my childhood. I know, so sad, right? Well ONE day I WILL have a pool, and I’m taking my inspiration from these:awesome

Soooo, basically Pride Rock?awesome1

A pool made to look like a pond! SUPER cool! Continue reading

Dreamworld Saturday – Dream Laundry Room

“Wait till you see the laundry room…”

Can’t you see it now?  Just wanting to be doing laundry ALL the time because you have a beautiful, custom, dream-house-worthy laundry room?  OK, maybe not, but it would be a lot more appealing than a dingy unfinished basement laundry room, am I right?  Check out these amazing laundry rooms, and ideas!

dream2It’s so perfect!  So sleek!  I could do laundry in this space… Continue reading

Dreamworld Saturday – Sleepover Attic

Sleepovers just got 100x more awesome.

Attics.  Who needs ’em?  I do.  And I need them to be converted into amazing fun filled sleepover rooms.  What would I have given when I was a child to have had a pillow filled slumber party dreamland in my dream house?  The PERFECT sleepover space.  Where we could veg out all night and eat junk food and watch movies and not disturb anyone!  Here’s some ideas of what I mean…

dream2This feels like camping! Continue reading

Dreamworld Saturday – Guest Houses

Holy Guest Houses, Batman!

OK, picture your happy little life in your dream home, with your dream pool in the backyard. Now look beyond that pool. Nope, past the outdoor kitchen. Nope, beyond the firepit. Stay with me people! Yeah. There it is. You’re sweet, little, perfect, convenient, unintrusive guest house. Seriously though, can you imagine?! I can, and it looks GOOD.

guest                        guest1

Adorable little “guest cottages” in the backyard.  And not too big, just the right size 🙂 I would love it if the one by the pool had a small changeroom/shower off the side…that would be sweeeeet. Continue reading

Dreamworld Saturday – Secret and Hidden Rooms

Ok, These are THE Coolest…

Saturdays should be all about taking it easy and letting loose…unless you work, like I usually do, but I like to use my weekends to fantasize about my dream life, so sometimes I just like to indulge in admiring the things I don’t have 😛 But seriously, these are the coolest, and I don’t think that difficult to be able to do in my own home one day…

                     hiddendoor       hiddendoor1

                               Awesome doors disguised as a bookshelves!


Can you imagine?  The pantry in your kitchen being disguised by a built in door that looks like cabinets? AND serves a functional purpose?  That’s true beauty.  I know, I’m kind of sad, but seriously, that’s my dream house.  A huge, hidden walk-in pantry.  So shoot me.


Secret doors aren’t just for hidden rooms, helloooo, awesome storage!

Picture 5

Any kid that has a secret playroom is automatically the coolest.  Seriously.

Well anyways, that’s my rant about how AWESOME secret doors/hidden rooms are…maybe I’m extremely lame, but I think that they’re wicked cool!  This is a MUST-HAVE on my dream house list!

Thanks for reading!