Hey everyone!  I’m on hiatus right now, this week is a crazy busy week, and I think my hair is going to fall out…but seriously, I need to take a step back this week, but I will be back on Monday October 28th with a vengeance!!! OK, well, maybe not a vengeance, but with some awesome new posts 😛


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DIY Tuesday – Homemade Unique Barrettes!

Barrettes to Fit Your Style!

Hey everyone!  So I’ve been collecting all kinds of cool odds and ends this summer, solely in the name of crafts!  I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I’ve got whozzits and whatsits galoooore… but seriously, I collected items from garage sales, antique stores, broken bins at jewellery stores, going through my mom’s old jewellery, etc!  I decided to turn them into beautiful hair accessories, because honestly, you can never have too many hair accessories 😉




-Pretty Things

-Hot Glue Gun

Simple right?  DEFINITELY.  I don’t even think I really need to explain this one, but basically the idea is to hot glue the pretty things to the barrettes.  I KNOW, it really is that simple!  Here are some that I made/am making! Continue reading