Fashion Wednesday – Jewellery Tips

Where to save and where to splurge!

Don’t you love those stores, like forever 21, that have really cute jewellery for REALLY great prices?  But then they turn your skin green or they break immediately… WELL I’m going to tell you what items you should be saving your money on, and what pieces to splurge on!



SPLURGE: You don’t really even have too splurge too badly on these, but it’s important to make sure your earring don’t hurt you, and there’s nothing more annoying than cheap earrings turning your ears green and making your ears itch!  Invest in sterling silver pairs and your ears will thank you! Continue reading


Fasion Wednesday – Trends I Hate

“That is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen”

You know how every era has those trends that get ya down?  Like shoulder pads, or popped collars, or wearing your pants belted at the knees…STUPID.  In every generation/wave of styles and trends, there are always going to be really odd trends that people are going to look back on and think “WHAT was I wearing?!” and then their kids will say “OMG, your OUTFIT!”  When people look back on this generation and they have theme parties of the 2010’s they’re going to dress in leggings and uggs and just twerk around… how wonderful.  So here they are, the trends I hate right now:


Especially fake flower ones.  If you have beautiful real flowers in your hair, then well done, but if they’re cheap fake shit trying to look like real flowers?  Stupid.

whatyouthink1               whatyouthink

               What you think you look like…                           What you really look like. Continue reading

Fashion Wednesday – Nails, Nails, Nails

Nice and sparkly, just how I like ’em!

I will admit, I used to HATE doing my nails.  Not because I didn’t actually like painting them, but because it drove me CRAZY the second it started to chip, and then I would try to peel and chisel it all off because there was no point to having them done at all if they were all yucky and chipped.  THEN I started carrying a small bottle of nail polish in my purse everywhere I went.  I’ll tell ya, it’s definitely changed my perspective on doing my nails.  I probably do something different every week now, just because it’s so easy/convenient to change now!  Here are my thoughts on nail polish trends this season!


I love the “accent nail”.  I do it every time I paint my nails now.  It feels like they’re naked if I don’t do it now!  This is an awesome way to spice up your nails, and to incorporate a second colour in your outfit! Continue reading