DIY Tuesday – Homemade Unique Barrettes!

Barrettes to Fit Your Style!

Hey everyone!  So I’ve been collecting all kinds of cool odds and ends this summer, solely in the name of crafts!  I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I’ve got whozzits and whatsits galoooore… but seriously, I collected items from garage sales, antique stores, broken bins at jewellery stores, going through my mom’s old jewellery, etc!  I decided to turn them into beautiful hair accessories, because honestly, you can never have too many hair accessories 😉




-Pretty Things

-Hot Glue Gun

Simple right?  DEFINITELY.  I don’t even think I really need to explain this one, but basically the idea is to hot glue the pretty things to the barrettes.  I KNOW, it really is that simple!  Here are some that I made/am making!


<– I got this brooch for $1 at a garage sale…it doesn’t get much better than that!  And look how beautiful it is!!!


^ I can’t wait to turn these keys into different projects!  I’m going to spray paint one silver and gold to make into a barrettes.  I’m also probably going to make a couple of them into necklaces…anyway, I got these ALL at an antique store for $8!

This was a bracelet that was broken at one of my favourite jewellery stores in Halifax.  It was broken and missing a link, so I got this for $2!  This will make a very beautiful barrette indeed…

image-1I hope I gave you some inspiration to make your own barrettes!  Or just jewellery for that matter, they don’t have to be made into barrettes at all!  Keep trying new things, your hand at crafting, you’ll end up being EXTRA proud of the crafts you make, and want to show them off all of the time!

Thanks for reading!


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