Dreamworld Saturday – Home Movie Theatre

A whole new meaning to “Home Movies”!

When I was a kid, my friends basement was redone and they built in a home movie theatre, and it was probably the coolest thing I had ever experienced in my life up to that point… well maybe not, but at the time, it was AWESOME.  I will one day build my children the most awesome movie theatre in our basement where they can bring their friends and have the best movie nights EVER!

movieOk, this is AMAZING, a bit out of my budget (A LOT) but how COOL for inspiration! Continue reading


Dreamworld Saturday – Dream Laundry Room

“Wait till you see the laundry room…”

Can’t you see it now?  Just wanting to be doing laundry ALL the time because you have a beautiful, custom, dream-house-worthy laundry room?  OK, maybe not, but it would be a lot more appealing than a dingy unfinished basement laundry room, am I right?  Check out these amazing laundry rooms, and ideas!

dream2It’s so perfect!  So sleek!  I could do laundry in this space… Continue reading