DIY Tuesday – Easy Halloween Costumes

Last-minute costumes!

You know that feeling when one of your friends calls you up and invites you to an early halloween costume party, but you haven’t decided what you’re going to be yet?!  Well never fear!  You can come up with AWESOME costumes with things you already have lying around the house!  Like I always say: Never sacrifice style because you’re a little short on time!



This one is super easy, and if you’re one of those people who had an awesome costume another year and are bummed you haven’t been able to re-use it?  Never fear, just be the dead version of it.  Prom Queen?  Zombie Prom Queen.  Mario and Luigi?  Zombie Mario and Luigi.  Sexy Bee?  Zombie sexy bee…ok maybe it doesn’t work for every costume, but it works for most of them… Continue reading


DIY Tuesday – Hallowe’en Costumes!

Trick or Treat, smell my AMAZING costume!

I LOVE Hallowe’en.  There’s no way around it, I just love, love, love it!  It combines three of my favourite things: 1. Dressing up in costumes.  2. Watching Scary movies. and 3. Bite-sized candies.  I like to get REALLY creative with my Hallowe’en costumes, and since this year’s is still in progress, here are some of my past creations:

Picture 4Last year I went as Medusa!  With my hair full of snakes and some make-up to create scales around my forehead 😛 Continue reading