Health & Fitness Friday – Easy, Everyday Changes

Every little bit helps!

Not looking for any extreme weight loss solutions? Want to maintain your current health/weight and/or looking to slowly but surely do good things for your body then here are some great tips!


This is a recipe for a great, metabolism-boosting drink. It’s pretty good, and it’s supposed to boost your metabolism by 12% after just one cup! All you need is 8 cups of bhealthrewed green tea, 1 tangerine sliced (I didn’t have one/they weren’t in season so I used a grapefruit), and a handful of mint leaves. Mix it all together and keep it in a large pitcher in the fridge. Drink 1 pitcher everyday throughout the day and it supposedly helps to keep up your metabolism! This is Dr Oz’s very own recipe he calls the Tangerine Weight-orade, it’s pretty good (much more flavourful than drinking 2 litres of plain water) and has so many benefits. It’s ALL natural! Continue reading


To Do Thursday – How To Handstand

I think I can, I think I can!

I used to do gymnastics all of the time when I was a kid.  I was carefree, agile, and ready to try anything once!  I used to be able to at least attempt to do a handstand, but now I’m too terrified of breaking my neck… SO it’s my new goal to learn how to do a handstand before I turn 25!  That gives me two years to practice!  Until then, join me on my quest by following these simple steps:

handstand Continue reading