Dreamworld Saturday – Home Movie Theatre

A whole new meaning to “Home Movies”!

When I was a kid, my friends basement was redone and they built in a home movie theatre, and it was probably the coolest thing I had ever experienced in my life up to that point… well maybe not, but at the time, it was AWESOME.  I will one day build my children the most awesome movie theatre in our basement where they can bring their friends and have the best movie nights EVER!

movieOk, this is AMAZING, a bit out of my budget (A LOT) but how COOL for inspiration!

movie4This is more my style, and probably more comfortable too, but has a similar effect

movie1How COOL is this?!  I would die if I had this…aka be huge.  movie5This is also a REALLY cool element to add to your home movie theatre, starry sky!


This is more of a DIY movie theatre, with mattresses on wooden platforms, works for me!

I hope you are as inspired as I am by these AWESOME home theatres.  I can’t wait for the day when I can attempt this myself!  Some cool features to include are movie posters (you can ask your local movie theatre for any old movie posters they have, they will usually give them to you for free), cool lighting (IKEA has cool wall lights that would look movie-theatre-esque), and lots of comfy pillows!

Thanks for reading!


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