Health & Fitness Friday – Easy, Everyday Changes

Every little bit helps!

Not looking for any extreme weight loss solutions? Want to maintain your current health/weight and/or looking to slowly but surely do good things for your body then here are some great tips!


This is a recipe for a great, metabolism-boosting drink. It’s pretty good, and it’s supposed to boost your metabolism by 12% after just one cup! All you need is 8 cups of bhealthrewed green tea, 1 tangerine sliced (I didn’t have one/they weren’t in season so I used a grapefruit), and a handful of mint leaves. Mix it all together and keep it in a large pitcher in the fridge. Drink 1 pitcher everyday throughout the day and it supposedly helps to keep up your metabolism! This is Dr Oz’s very own recipe he calls the Tangerine Weight-orade, it’s pretty good (much more flavourful than drinking 2 litres of plain water) and has so many benefits. It’s ALL natural!


OK, so this is nothing new, walking. No health1fancy method or anything, but brisk walking through a beautiful trail can be super relaxing, and you’re doing a great thing for your body at the same time! I found a trail near my house that is a 1km walk to get there and the trail itself is 2.5km. Walking there, through the trail and back is about 7km! And it feels like nothing because its so beautiful, and if you nab yourself a walking buddy, the conversation just makes the time go even quicker!  Find a trail near you and grab a buddy to go for a nice long chat!

Health and fitness doesn’t always have to mean trying to lose a ton of weight, or how much you can lift, it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being happy with who you are!  At least that’s what I think, hope you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!


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