To Do Thursday – How To Handstand

I think I can, I think I can!

I used to do gymnastics all of the time when I was a kid.  I was carefree, agile, and ready to try anything once!  I used to be able to at least attempt to do a handstand, but now I’m too terrified of breaking my neck… SO it’s my new goal to learn how to do a handstand before I turn 25!  That gives me two years to practice!  Until then, join me on my quest by following these simple steps:


Start by raising yourself to a 90 degree angle for practice, to get your arms used to holding up your weight, but still having maximum control keeping your lower half stable. Eventually move on to trying to lift your legs one at a time to the 180 degree position.  Eventually move on to the mount with your back against the wall to practice getting into handstand position.  Eventually you should be in a good place, strength-wise, to perform handstands wherever!  This seems like good logic to me!




Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in great shape and teach your own kids how to handstand???  You’d be that cool/fun parent who always has energy to fool around with their kids!  What a blast!  I want to be able to teach my kids how to 1) Ride a bike.  2) Cook me breakfast in bed.  3) Do handstands and cartwheels.  I mean really, this little girl is proof enough, she’s WAY too cute!



How BEAUTIFUL is Marilyn?  What a babe!  Just handstandin’ away!


Yeah, she’s kinda strong I guess…

Thanks for reading!


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