Fasion Wednesday – Trends I Hate

“That is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen”

You know how every era has those trends that get ya down?  Like shoulder pads, or popped collars, or wearing your pants belted at the knees…STUPID.  In every generation/wave of styles and trends, there are always going to be really odd trends that people are going to look back on and think “WHAT was I wearing?!” and then their kids will say “OMG, your OUTFIT!”  When people look back on this generation and they have theme parties of the 2010’s they’re going to dress in leggings and uggs and just twerk around… how wonderful.  So here they are, the trends I hate right now:


Especially fake flower ones.  If you have beautiful real flowers in your hair, then well done, but if they’re cheap fake shit trying to look like real flowers?  Stupid.

whatyouthink1               whatyouthink

               What you think you look like…                           What you really look like.


OK, kudos to you if you actually look good in/are toned enough to wear a body suit, but not everyone should try it on for size…seriously, body suits are gross and weird…and how do you pee?


AKA, where-is-the-rest-of-this-shirt shirts.  I hate going shopping and picking up an adorable shirt, only to realized the bottom half is missing…great.  These shirts only look good on extremely toned stomachs, soooo…I’m out.Picture 8


Let’s be honest, are we going to have to try to find you in a room full of blacklights?  Probably not, so WHAT is WITH the NEON?  Are we at a rave?  I’m sorry, I hate neon, I don’t think it really looks that great on anyone, unless you’re super tanned.  It just screams “LOOK AT ME” but not in a good way…


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a beautiful enchanting scent to tempt unsuspecting nostrils, but I’m all AGAINST dusting yourself with remnants of cotton candy.  I hate perfume that smells like anything you can buy at the candy shop.


Like YOLO, or SWAG.  Really?  Do you really have SO much swag that you have to state it on your shirt?  Or is it supposed to be like an ironic thing?  I don’t get it.   nerd

Hope you enjoyed my little rants!  And just as a note, I don’t hate everyone that wears these trends, everyone has a right to do what they want, and sometimes (very rarely) these can actually work on certain people…let me know your thoughts on these trends!

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Fasion Wednesday – Trends I Hate

  1. I never thought fake floral wreaths were weird… until you’ve mentioned it…and now they seem very strange to me. Especially those ginormous ones you can get. I look back at photos from 5 years ago and think “WHY was I wearing that?!” so gaaaawd knows what I’ll say when I’m an oldie.

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