Fashion Wednesday – Nails, Nails, Nails

Nice and sparkly, just how I like ’em!

I will admit, I used to HATE doing my nails.  Not because I didn’t actually like painting them, but because it drove me CRAZY the second it started to chip, and then I would try to peel and chisel it all off because there was no point to having them done at all if they were all yucky and chipped.  THEN I started carrying a small bottle of nail polish in my purse everywhere I went.  I’ll tell ya, it’s definitely changed my perspective on doing my nails.  I probably do something different every week now, just because it’s so easy/convenient to change now!  Here are my thoughts on nail polish trends this season!


I love the “accent nail”.  I do it every time I paint my nails now.  It feels like they’re naked if I don’t do it now!  This is an awesome way to spice up your nails, and to incorporate a second colour in your outfit!


I don’t know how I feel about these.  The caviar things are kind of cool, but I feel like anything bigger than that just gets in the way, or will get caught on things…I can’t say I’m going to be showcasing too much of this trend any time soon…


It’s everywhere.  Whether it’s on accent nails, french tips, whole nail, or a checkboard, black is everywhere on nails and I’m loving it!  I think dark nail polish is AWESOME.  I’m especially loving the extremely dark reds and purples that look black, but in the light you see the colour!  It’s so dramatic!  I approve this trend 1000X over!


Love it.  Just love it.  It’s like a whole other way to accessorize and match your jewelry too!  I just recently got some pearly nail polish and matched it with my earrings…brilliant.  I support this.

IMG_1305IMG_0485Ladies (and gentlemen, if it’s your thing 😉 ), get out there and have FUN with your nail polish this year!  Try anything!  Do theme nails during holidays, do whatever you want, anything goes right now, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Thanks for reading!


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