Mealtime Monday – 4 Ingredients or Less

Easy as pie! Which isn’t really that easy…

I always love recipes that consist of about 4 ingredients or less.  I hate running around the grocery store getting tons of things for ONE measly meal (ok, so maybe it’s delicious, that’s not the point) and getting home and realizing you’re missing something.  This MUST happen to other people out there right?  Do you feel me?  Here are two great recipes that are 4 ingredients or less!



-pizza dough

-mozzarella cheese


-deli sliced ham (about 8-10 thin slices)

Preheat the oven to 350.  The hardest part about this recipe is the beginning, spreading out the dough into the right shape.  It basically needs to be rolled out into a big rectangle (use flour for this so it doesn’t stick to any surfaces…ok so 5 ingredients if you want to be technical).  Once it’s in rectangle form, cover the entire surface with the spinach.  Then cover that layer with the slices of ham, ripping pieces to cover properly if needed.  You can do about two layers of ham if you desire.  Then cover with your desired amount of shredded mozzarella.  Now start rolling the pizza up, like a jelly roll.  Once rolled, try to mold the pizza dough around the edges so that there are no holes, and you have a log of dough, virtually.  Spray a cookie sheet with PAM so it doesn’t stick, and brush some oil on the top of the log so it browns in the oven.  Put it in for about 40 minutes, and once the top is nice and brown, it should be done.  Cut strips to serve.  This is an awesome recipe because you can do countless different versions of it.  I sometimes make dessert ones (fruit and cinnamon sugar), you can do a real pizza one with your favourite toppings and pizza sauce, a pesto one with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes, the list goes on and on!  It also serves as an awesome finger food for parties!

Difficulty:  Fairly Easy

Time:  60 minutes

Taste:  Yummy!!!

Nutrition:  Neither here nor there really…not SUPER healthy, but not bad for you, you can even use whole wheat dough!

Leftovers:  Just take a slice off the giant slab, easy!



-spice cake mix

-15 oz pumpkin puree

This is so easy.  It’s stupid.  Prejeat your oven to 350 then just mix the two ingredients together in a bowl and do NOT add anything else.  You will be tempted, the mixture is REALLY thick, but that’s how it’s supposed to be!  This will make about 12 big muffins, so spray your muffin tin with PAM and fill the cups with the mixture.  Bake for about 20 minutes, and BAM, delicious pumpkin spice muffins.  And they’re not half bad for you, less than 200 calories per muffin!

Difficulty:  Extremely Easy

Time:  30 minutes

Taste:  Delicious and moist

Nutrition:  Under 200 calories per muffin, who can beat that?  Plus pumpkin is sooo good for you!

Leftovers:  They’re muffins, of course they are easy for leftovers!

Thanks for reading!


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