Dreamworld Saturday – Dream Laundry Room

“Wait till you see the laundry room…”

Can’t you see it now?  Just wanting to be doing laundry ALL the time because you have a beautiful, custom, dream-house-worthy laundry room?  OK, maybe not, but it would be a lot more appealing than a dingy unfinished basement laundry room, am I right?  Check out these amazing laundry rooms, and ideas!

dream2It’s so perfect!  So sleek!  I could do laundry in this space…

dream3Wouldn’t it be awesome to turn an upstairs hallway closet into a laundry space?  No going up and down the stairs all the the time!

        dream1              dream4

Awesome ideas for the laundry space!  Hooks to hang your ironing board in a “chic” way, and a DIY stand for your washer and dryer with room for laundry baskets underneath!

dreamOK, this laundry room is a BIT much, but if it’s doubling as a mud room…this is kind of beautiful.

dream5This is more like me!  Functional AND pretty! 😉

I hope you are as thrilled by all of the laundry room concepts as I am…maybe it’s a little bit sad, but I’m PROUD, I won’t deny it!  Hope all of your weekends are going swimmingly!

Thanks for reading!


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