Health & Fitness Friday – Fab or Fad?

It’s ALL the rage!

I swear every time I check my emails I’ve got at least 1 telling me what “Doctor’s” have proven to be the number 1 weight loss solution!  Or that one “strange trick” that makes you lose 1 lb of belly fat a day?  Well, I don’t always believe everything I read, so sometimes it’s nice to just try it for yourself!  Or sometimes you just want to read the review of someone who’s already gone through the process 😉 … which is where I come in!


Maybe you’ve heard of the neti pot, healthmaybe not, but it’s basically this little teapot thing that you use to pour a warm water/salt solution through your nostrils to clear out your sinuses.  You may have seen it lately featured on Dr. OZ or Oprah, but it’s been around for centuries as part of a yoga medical tradition.  You can buy a Neti Pot at your local drug store, they’re not necessarily cheap (about $20 on average), but they work wonders.  I’m a singer, so I can’t let myself get sick.  I also have terrible allergies.  I use my Neti Pot all the time, especially when I feel a cold coming on.  It wasn’t until recently I heard that using it is a great home remedy for allergies, I’ll have to try it out!  I think that this is definitely a must try, especially if you are cold/sickness prone, have sinus issues, or allergies!


Ten, hut!  Now that I’ve got your attention, I can tell you what has MY attention, and that is: BOOTCAMP.  I LOVE BOOTCAMP.  I wish I was going it right now.  It pushes you further than you think you can go, and you leave feeling like an absolute champion!  And you never get bored with it, because when you join a bootcamp, the instructors are constantly changing things up with even MORE painful exercises :).  I used to participate in a “Little Black Dress” bootcamp through my local Parks & Rec, and I absolutely loved it, it was 6 weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:30am.  It was killer, but it got RESULTS.  And I never skipped out on it because it was a set price for a set amount of classes.  OK, so maybe I’m cheap…

Anyway, I hope you have been inspired to try some of these health and fitness fads, because I approve of BOTH of them!  TOTALLY fab!

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Health & Fitness Friday – Fab or Fad?

    • I actually just graduated with my diploma in Music Theatre Performance, so I sing pretty much all styles (classical, pop, theatre, jazz, etc)

      • I’ve just signed with a modelling agency, actually, but I’m going to be getting back into doing singing competitions starting in November!

      • All I hear is I am going to be a beautiful model, and on top of that I am a GREAT singer!! Didn’t your mommy tell you that no one likes a bragger!!! 😛 I kid, I kid

        It is good to hear you are going to keep singing. Are you going to try out for Idol or will the contest be more local?

      • The competitions will be to qualify for larger provincial and national competitions in the style of Musical Theatre 🙂

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