Fashion Wednesday – Trendy Looks

“So, what’s the 411? What’s the hot gossip?”

Well, I’ve just recently signed on with a modelling agency based out of Toronto, which I’m extremely excited about!  They will get me auditions for anything from film/television, to music videos, to print ads and more!  I have a photoshoot with a fashion photographer tomorrow, and I need to put together 3 different looks: natural, trendy, and formal.  For natural, I basically will wear a t-shirt/tank top and jeans.  Easy.  For formal, I just have to dress up, and have awesome jewellery. A little trickier, considering I don’t have too many floor length gowns on hand, but still, pretty easy.  Now here’s the tricky part: trendy.  What does that even MEAN?  I mean, I understand I need to look fashion forward, but it’s somewhere in between natural and formal.  It’s a very grey area indeed…


Now, I don’t REALLY want to show up looking like this… (a “trend” from


Or this… the sloppy chic/lazy fashion trend…

So here are some looks that I think might work:

trendy trendy1 trendy2

Let me know what you think is the best “trendy” look!  I’ll post the results of my photoshoot soon…

Thanks for reading!


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