DIY Tuesday – Homemade Art 101

It’s time for a big ART ATTACK!IMG_1088

Have you been to Homesense, or IKEA lately?  It’s a LITTLE bit outrageous what they expect you to pay for their mass-produced, so-called “artwork”.  Anywhere north of $50 for some abstract art you’re SURE you could do yourself, but can’t be bothered?  Well I say BE bothered.  I have given up on the art scene, and taken to painting ALL of my own artwork.  Well, not really my own, but getting inspiration from other artists, and reproducing it for my own home.  Now some may say, that’s easier said than done.  True,IMG_1083 it’s not easy, and it requires some patience, but I think anyone can do it!  So prove me right and just for it!

My number one tip for getting started with your painting?  Start from the background.  I always paint from the back to the front, and yes that may seem logical, but when you don’t do it, it’s very annoying.

Tip #2!  Don’t be afraid to get messy and make mistakes!  Paint dries, and can be covered by more paint very easily.  I like using acrylics (that’s what all of my paintings are) and they cover extremely well.  Sometimes you’re fingers can do a better and more precise job.

IMG_1089Tip #3  Whenever you see art you like, take a picture of it.  I do this everywhere, including in people’s homes…It allows you to create a folder of ideas to go to later and something for you to look at and study while you’re learning how to do it yourself!

Tip #4  Don’t invest in expensive canvases, make your own with plain white fabric stretched over wood, or buy them on sale, or at cheaper decoration stores.  I get mine at a place called XS Cargo, which is a store that buys product from Costco and sells them at a lower price, so I can get a 3 foot by 2 foot canvas for $11.99!

Tip #5  When in doubt, try glueing/spray paint art!  This is so easy, anyone can do it, and inexpensive, any of these items can be purchase at the dollar store!  Here’s some examples:

art art1 art2

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “DIY Tuesday – Homemade Art 101

  1. I like your pictures of houses, they’re really cute! If you want to get really frugal ( and a bit silly) it’s also fun to paint on the cardboard boxes big appliances have come in. My friend and I did a mural on a bit of cardboard from a fridge box. It was ridiculous, but really enjoyable!

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