Dreamworld Saturday – Sleepover Attic

Sleepovers just got 100x more awesome.

Attics.  Who needs ’em?  I do.  And I need them to be converted into amazing fun filled sleepover rooms.  What would I have given when I was a child to have had a pillow filled slumber party dreamland in my dream house?  The PERFECT sleepover space.  Where we could veg out all night and eat junk food and watch movies and not disturb anyone!  Here’s some ideas of what I mean…

dream2This feels like camping!

dreamAwwww cabin style!dream1

Bohemian cozy space, great for girls slumber parties!


How awesome would it be to wake up with that fresh air!


Pretty much ANY set/combonation of these bunk beds is dreamy…


Hey, why not?  Let’s also make it a home theatre! 😉

Hope you all share my enthusiasm for how AWESOME attic renovations are…especially when they are a kids dream come true…coolest parents on the block!

Thanks for reading!


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