To Do Thursday – X0X0X!

Kissin’ Time!

OK, I believe that there are 3 MARVELOUS kisses that everyone needs to experience, and YES these are on my bucket list.  Is it too much to ask for MMM Kisses?  MMM as in Magical Movie Moment.  These are my top 3 kisses that EVERYONE needs to perfect before it’s TOO LATE!


Private and romantic.  Also is allowed to be TOTALLY cheesy and adorable.


Public and passionate!  This is a romantic time because it’s a huge milestone!  A new year together!  Amazing locations are a plus!

3.  WEDDING KISS!kisses2

Well only the most memorable kiss of your LIFETIME.  This is bound to be perfect anyway, so no rules!

These are absolutely on my bucket list, and I don’t care how long it takes!  Hahaha, maybe I’m crazy, but I want to have my life feel like a movie sometimes!  Don’t settle for anything less than the best, because YOU DESERVE IT!  So get out there and do some kissin’!

Thanks for reading!


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