Fashion Wednesday – Respruce, Reuse, Recycle!

“Don’t throw that out!”

Know those old clothes of your moms?  Or those hand-me-downs that are less than impressive?  Or those jeans that you LOVE, but are totally worn out in the crotch?  DON’T THROW THEM OUT!  OK, well, don’t be a pack rat either (trust me, I’ve gone there, some things actually aren’t worth saving…not many, but some).  I’m going to show you some of my most recent projects and give you lots of examples of what to do with those clothes that just don’t work anymore!

IMG_09231. JEANS

Are your jeans worn out in the crotch, but you still love them?  That just recently happened to me, and I got a brilliant idea: denim pencil skirt time.  I recently got rid of (aka donated or hand-me-downed) my only jean skirt, because I’d had it for years and it never looked good on me, it was an unflattering cut.  So I figured: I like how I look in pencil skirts…so why not try a denim pencil skirt?  And then the ripped up jeans just somehow fell in my lap…out of my drawer. And I made this skirt!


Have those t-shirts you JUST don’t want to get rid of?  ALL THE TIME?! Me too, there are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest.  There are t-shirt “redos” and t-shirt crafts all over the place.  You can do anything from making a “favourite t-shirt quilt”, to an adorable off the shoulder comfy shirt, to making a too small t-shirt bigger.


OK, with one wintery wooly sweater, you can do 3 amazing things with little to no sewing required.  1. Cut off the arms; you have leg warmers.  2. Cut torso just under the armpits; you have a skirt (you may want to take in the top at the sides, or sew in elastic).  3. Cut what’s left of the neck perfectly round; you have an infinity scarf.


So, you may not have many of these, but your mom probably does, if not, you can get them super cheaply at second-hand/thrift stores.  If the fabric is cute enough that you would wear it as a skirt?  Cut it about an inch longer than your desired length and hem it one inch.  Use the rest of the fabric to make a headband or a scarf, whichever it might suit!  If the skirt is too small, cut the skirt as long as you need it, keeping the original hem, and sew either a zipper, an elastic, or buttons at the top.  Another thought!  Make it short in the front and long in the back!  My old skirt from a thrift store into a skirt and scarf! –>


Turn them into fancy shorts by cutting and hemming them as long as you want them…simple as that!  Not into that look?  Try making them into pencil skirts like the jeans!  All you have to do is cut the seam on the inside of the legs/crotch.  Cut the triangular part off the the skirt goes straight all the way down to an inch past where you want the skirt to end, sew these seams in the front and the back, but leave the back seam open about 3 inches.  Sew a one inch hem.  TA DA.


I love turning old skirts, that I don’t know what to do with, into PILLOWS.  You know what else makes great pillows?  Especially for boys’ bedrooms and man caves?  Old jerseys.  Score 1 for pillows.


<–If you can’t turn them into anything else, cut the very top off and you have an infinity scarf.


These are AWESOME to make into maxi dresses/skirts.  You can do this with elastic, it looks really nice.  You can also use these to make any type of dress or skirt.  They are made up of breathable but somewhat stiff fabrics, so they’re great for those 40’s/50’s style dresses.


There are also a ton of pins on Pinterest for repurposing these, but one of my favourites is the vest.  You simply cut off the collar, then cut a straight line down the middle of the front.  Cut off the arms and you can choose to use strips of them to make bands around on the shoulder section, gathering the sleeve and neck along the tops of your shoulders.  BOOM done.


Wire headbands.  They’re awesome.

Thanks for reading!


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