Dreamworld Saturday – Guest Houses

Holy Guest Houses, Batman!

OK, picture your happy little life in your dream home, with your dream pool in the backyard. Now look beyond that pool. Nope, past the outdoor kitchen. Nope, beyond the firepit. Stay with me people! Yeah. There it is. You’re sweet, little, perfect, convenient, unintrusive guest house. Seriously though, can you imagine?! I can, and it looks GOOD.

guest                        guest1

Adorable little “guest cottages” in the backyard.  And not too big, just the right size 🙂 I would love it if the one by the pool had a small changeroom/shower off the side…that would be sweeeeet.


Can you imagine turning a cupboard into this sweet little kitchenette to save space?? I CAN


Ooooh, this one is fancy though…I mean WAY too over the top for me…but if budget wasn’t an issue… 😉


Imagine turning the roof into a mini tanning patio? Heaven.


This is a shed that was converted into a little office…but you can just imagine a double bed and a sitting area, right? Awww yeahhhhh

Well, there’s my little day dream/rant about how WONDERFUL guest houses are! I truly dream about one day having an adorable, compact, but comfortable guest house in my backyard. It’s a far away, lofty goal, but I’ll make it happen one day, I swear! Hopefully you guys don’t think I’m a total nut…

Thanks for reading!


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