Fashion Wednesday – Fall Essentials of 2013

My Favourite Essentials for Fall!

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about my absolute favourite must-haves to feel good, and look great and how NOT to break the bank too badly when sprucing up your wardrobe this fall.

fall 1. The Riding Boot

I think that this one is fairly obvious…I mean, you can’t walk two blocks without seeing someone in their super stylish riding boots.  I had been looking for the perfect, aka most affordable, pair I could without sacrificing style or comfort!  I have large athletic calf muscles, so I’ve always had a rough go at trying to find boots!  I ended up getting an awesome pair at Urban Planet for $40, but I had to buy them 3 sizes too big!  I know that seems crazy, but they’re totally comfortable!  Look for your boots at similar stores, they may not be the very best quality, but if they last you for a season and they look good?  Who cares!

2. Jean Jacket

fall1Jean jackets are timeless.  I’ve had the same jean jacket for over 10 years.  It is still in pretty much perfect condition and has never gone out of style (at least in my eyes… :S).  Seriously, you can get sweet jean jackets at thrift stores/second hand stores, they stay in great shape, and if you don’t end up loving your jacket after a while, cut off the arms and you have a cute new jean vest!

3. Leggings

Invest in a nice pair of leggings.  And when I say nice, I don’t mean expensive.  My very favourite, most comfortable, best looking leggings were under $20 at Costco.  Nice leggings are an awesome way to stay comfortable while still looking great!  They look awesome with a nice shirt and cardigan, or a jean jacket and boots! 😉

4. Scarves

Go.  Go now.  Go get as many scarves as you can that will be versatile with your wardrobe.  You can NEVER have too many scarves.  EVER.  Don’t want to go out and buy any?  Go through your wardrobe and find clothes you don’t wear to turn into scarves.  The best items to turn into scarves, I find, are flannel pajamas, skirts, and shirts (cut straight across the armpits).  Want to get even more creative?  Learn how to fall2knit!  It’s SO rewarding when you finish your first scarf!  And you can get started pretty cheaply at any craft supply store.

5. Belts

Belts, belts, belts.  Belts are an awesome accessory for almost any outfit, I especially like to use them to spice up plain old dress, or shirt and skirt combo.  I especially love those stretchy belts that cinch in the waist, so definitely invest in those.  My big tips for belts?  Go for simple and classic styles.  Anything too blingy or crazy, you’re probably not going to end up wearing it.

I hope you can go through your closet (or your friends and families!) and reinvent your fall wardrobe!  Don’t want to go shopping?  Host a “Clothes Swap” party with your friends!  Everyone brings their gently used clothing that they don’t wear anymore and you’re sure to go home with something new!  There are a ton of different ways to spruce up and recycle your wardrobe, so stay tuned for some awesome tips coming up in the future!

Thanks for reading!


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