DIY Tuesday – The Pretty Corkboard

“My, what a big corkboard you have!”

OK, so if you’ve been on Pinterest before…like EVER, then you know that making “pretty” corkboards, chalkboards and whiteboard are the latest and greatest thing.  They’re everywhere!  And they’re so good looking…soooo I had to make one… or two…


Let’s be honest, this is a fairly straight forward DIY, so instead of showing you how, I’m going to focus on the different ways to decorate!


1. The Pretty Frame (see first photo)

This is probably the most basic and most commonly seen cork board “renovation” ;).  There are a variety of ways to do it, and all of them are reasonably simple and inexpensive.  You can try to find a cheap picture at your local thrift store, take off and spray paint the frame and then find cork that you can custom cut to fit in the frame, this is probably the cheapest way to execute this method.  Here is my version on the left! I bought a large framed corkboard and bought crown molding from Home Depot to make mine, and just wood-glued it on, this cost me under $40, and I think it’s beautiful!  I know $40 seems like a lot, but it’s about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide, so it’s a good size!

2. The Pretty Paint Job

corkboard2This is probably the most inexpensive way to redecorate your corkboard, and the most original.  When you decide to paint your corkboard; the possibilities are endless.  Literally.  I love the look of this corkboard on the left, it’s super classy!  I painted my own cream with a pink trim to match my room, but I’m sure one day it will evolve into something more like that.  You can even paint patterns or organize your board by painting on sections (think calendar, days of the week, family members).  Be creative and get started already!

3. The Pretty (and interchangeable) Fabric

This is the most difficult corkboard procedure…buuuut it’s also pretty easy.  It’s also potentially the most expensive method, depending on the fabric you choose.  I personally prefer the “furniture” section of the fabric store, I think the fabrics are better quality and the patterns pack more of a corkboard1punch!  Basically you just have to staple the fabric around your board, and if you feel so inclined, add the first option and frame it to finish it nicely.

4. The Accessorized Corkboard

You can combine the accessorize method with any of the above methods!  In fact…you can kind of combine them all…but that’s up to you to be creative and use your individual taste/style influence your board!  I like the look of the bronze tacks around the frame, it gives your corkboard a polished/upholstered look.  I also like the look of adding embellishments to the corners like paper/fabric flowers, or a bow to the middle of the top or bottom for a girly touch.

Seriously, there are so many more basic DIY’s for corkboards, you can experiment for yourself!  I love having a good corkboard around the house, so I definitely think this craft is a MUST DO for anyone, and is absolutely necessary for anyone who owns a plain old boring corkboard!

Thanks for reading!


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