Dreamworld Saturday – Secret and Hidden Rooms

Ok, These are THE Coolest…

Saturdays should be all about taking it easy and letting loose…unless you work, like I usually do, but I like to use my weekends to fantasize about my dream life, so sometimes I just like to indulge in admiring the things I don’t have ūüėõ But seriously, these are the coolest, and I don’t think that difficult to be able to do in my own home one day…

                     hiddendoor       hiddendoor1

                               Awesome doors disguised as a bookshelves!


Can you imagine? ¬†The pantry in your kitchen being disguised by a built in door that looks like cabinets? AND serves a¬†functional purpose? ¬†That’s true beauty. ¬†I know, I’m kind of sad, but seriously, that’s my dream house. ¬†A huge, hidden walk-in pantry. ¬†So shoot me.


Secret doors aren’t just for hidden rooms, helloooo, awesome storage!

Picture 5

Any kid that has a secret playroom is automatically the coolest.  Seriously.

Well anyways, that’s my rant about how AWESOME secret doors/hidden rooms are…maybe I’m extremely lame, but I think that they’re wicked cool! ¬†This is a MUST-HAVE on my dream house list!

Thanks for reading!


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