DIY Tuesday – How to make your keys prettier…

Hello, and welcome!

This is so exciting!  It’s my first blog!  First of all, let me just introduce myself, and then we’ll get to the key business.  My name is Florence Emily, and I’m currently residing in Oakville, ON.  I’m a recent graduate from college, so I’m always looking for creative ways to keep myself productive and working hard!  Now, I know I call myself the “Handy Little Housewife”, but I am almost none of those things!  I do consider myself to be fairly handy, but I’m not very little (5’7 and curvy!), and I most definitely am not a housewife…however that is pretty much what I aspire to be, so that counts right?  Anyway, I’m an avid Pinterest user (but I mean, who isn’t nowadays?) and it always has me trying out new recipes, crafts, projects, work outs, you name it!  I’m going to be using this blog to review pins that I’ve come across and tested out first hand, as well as posting ideas that I’ve had but haven’t come across!  Thanks for reading, and I hope this is helpful for someone…really anyone out there!

Alright, enough about me, it’s time to get down to DIY Tuesday official business!  I decided to start with one of the simplest pins I’ve come across, and the one that I actually see the results of everyday; my beeeaaaautiful nail polish painted keys!  It makes sense right?  You use your keys all the time, why not make them a fashion statement?  But wait!  Not only are my keys beautiful, but they are all easily distinguishable…brilliant.  So here’s the original pin/idea to paint your keys with nail polish:


Original key painting idea

Pretty simple right?  Absolutely!  Literally all you need to do is paint your key with the nail polish, one side at a time, letting dry in between, and finish by painting the outside edge.  Honestly, probably the simplest thing I’ve ever done, it takes like 5 minutes, and you can do as many as you want all at the same time, extremely NOT time consuming.  So anyway, here’s how a few of mine turned out and the keys on my key ring have never been prettier!


My finished keys!

I am SO happy with how my keys turned out!  There are so many varieties of colours, these don’t necessarily go with anything I own, but they’re fun!  And the best part is that whenever you get tired of the colours, you can just paint over it, nail polish covers like nobody’s business.  Anyway, I’m really happy with the results of this Pinterest pin, I think it’s a MUST DO!

Oh, and here’s a Handy Tip:

Use pop cans to air dry, it’s faster because then you can paint both sides!


Thanks for reading!


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